David Papkin The Earthling grows sweet potatoes Day 0


I watched The Martian a few weeks ago .Matt Daemon was inadvertently left on Mars after the commander makes a decision to abort the mission because of wind and Matt Daemon was lost in a storm and his suit sensors went offline. Matt had several  challenges , one of which was how to have enough food until a rescue mission could come. Luckily there were some potatoes brought along for a holiday meal. He grew the potatoes in sterile martian soil, using human fertilizer . Yummy !!!

I noticed a bag of sweet potatoes had sprouted , so I thought I would try and repeat it here on Earth, without human fertilizer since my soil isn’t barren and devoid of microbial life

Today is day 0, I planted into several pots, some with sprouts and some without .








I will keep everyone informed, if this is successful, I can live on Mars also .

David  Papkin The Earthling

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