Dont buy Samsung Washing Machine by David Papkin

This post by David Papkin is about the improper and unprofessional service by Samsung. One Sunday , while doing laundry, my Samsung WD8804CJA Washing machine/ Dryer combo started leaking water all over the floor. I realized the outlet hose was cracked in several places.

I called Samsung and they told me Tuesday was the earliest they could come. To be fair, I did call on Sunday. I was happy that they have a 24 hour support line.

After watching this repair video on an almost identical model , I decided to wait for Samsung rather than repair it myself. As this is out of warranty.the stated estimated charges would be 107.00 In the video, the repairman had to remove several thing in the front, including the detergent tray, emergency outlet hose, large rubber ring gasket etc.

I figured that if Samsung came, they would do a proper job. Was I mistaken….

The repairmen was an older guy , immediately was complaining that he couldnt find the place.

He asked for my help to flip the machine on its front door. I was surprised , for a few reasons. 1) Not my place to help a repairmen, especially since I am paying. 2) I had watched a YouTube video repair of a similar Samsung machine front loader, and since in the video, the front panel had to be removed, since the hose is attached in the front with the clamp. Definitely not flip it on its front and get at the hose from the back.

After the washing machine was flipped over, he removed the back plate, which had considerable dirt on it. When he put the plate back, he didnt wipe it off at all.He started prying at the innards of the machine and after applying considerable force to the water pump.removed the water pump. I asked if could rinse out the water pump, since he had taken it out, his terse reply was “no need”.

Since he didnt removed the detergent tray, liquid detergent spilled all over the floor.

He would only accept cash, couldnt use my credit card or ATM.

After he left I noticed that he had left garbage on the floor! The original bag and my old hose.

I also had to clean up the detergent from the detergent tray and the water from the emergency outlet hose, which he should have drained.

I was quite upset and called Samsung support and asked for a manager, They would not call me back, I called several times. The support promised me a manager would call me back. Never happened.

On my fourth call, I insisted to speak with a manager and an assistant manager named Clarice spoke with me.

From the start, she was very supportive of her repairman understandably so; and didnt seem interested in supporting me , her customer, who bought an expensive high end machine which cost 1000.00. She insisted that he had followed the proper procedure and I didnt know the proper procedure from a YouTube video. I told her that I was there and she wasnt, so please let me state my case.

I asked if he was Samsung certified and was trained to m y service my top of front loading machine, she assured me that he was. I asked if he was an independent contractor, she said he worked for Samsung.

When I asked her if the proper procedure was also to flip it on its front so that the control knob was pressing against the floor, and not to remove the detergent tray and drain the water, she became silent.

The repairman had told them :

1. The water was from the cracked hose
2. He left the empty plastic bag and old hose , in case I wanted to keep it as a memento.

The liquid all over the floor was NOT from the cracked drainage hose, Sunday when the water started coming out of the hose and I saw it was badly cracked, I put the outlet end of the hose which normally goes into the drain on the ground and drained most of the water. My house was cleaned on Sunday and the floor mopped and dried.

Tuesday when it was repaired, the liquid came from the detergent tray and the emergency drainage hose because he flipped it on the door instead of removing the detergent tray from the front and emptying the emergency hose and remove the front panel ,where the hose is clamped to the water pump.

Instead because he was in a hurry or lazy or improperly trained, he removed the hose from the back by reaching his hand in and applying force to the water pump and prying the hose off. I was watching the whole haphazard repair and issuing mess.

Clarice told me she would investigate and would call me back. I was impressed that she did call me back a few days later. She told me that the call was recorded and informed me that Samsung would not refund me for the improper repair or give me any credit or even extend the warranty. I had said I would pay for the hose, which is fair but not the poor service call which probably caused damage to my machine and left a mess.

She said the decision was final and the repairmen has been educated about following proper procedure .

I caution anyone watching this post, never ever trust Samsung with appliances you buy from them. They claim to be a manufacturer with good service and quality products, but this is obviously not true.

The hose should not have cracked in so many places, they used a very low quality hose.

Thank you repairman for leaving me the big Samsung plastic bag the new hose came in and old hose to keep as a memento.

Thank you for flipping the washing machine on the door , and applying pressure to the control know and damaging it

Thank you Clarice for not supporting your customer, who loyally had Samsung phone, Samsung Aircon and Samsung washer/dryer.

Thank you repairman for leaving me the plastic bag and old hose to keep as a memento.
IMG20170711141158 by David Papkin
Thank you for flipping the washing machine on the door , and applying pressure to the control know and damaging it
David Papkin IMG20170714172030
Thank you Clarice for not supporting your customer, who  loyally had Samsung phone, Samsung Aircon and Samsung washer/dryer.
I will never buy Samsung products again. I hope others will take heed and buy other products than Samsung. Please reshare this post!!!!
This concludes this post by David Papkin.